Your child can be a leader at an early age! 

The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana, LLC (Specializing in Etiquette and Leadership skills) Leadership training is developed to teach teamwork and self-leadership skills for its Young Diplomats (ages 8 – 13) and Future Professionals (ages 14 – 18) students so they learn how to make sound choices, the meaning of accountability and consequence of their choices. We accomplish this by using a hands-on approach through role-play, discussion groups, and activities that will last a lifetime and can be shared with others they meet during their lifetime.

Seven leadership skills your child should learn and build on:

  • Communication – Encouraging your child to communicate with others effectively is a critical part of their leadership development. Listening effectively is another key to good communication.
  • Collaboration/Teamwork - Working well with others is another highly important skill for your child to learn.
  • Negotiation/Compromising - Through the process of working in teams, your child will learn the art of give and take.
  • Planning/Strategic - Taking time, your child will learn how to plan a strategy empowering them and build their self-esteem.
  • Vision – Your child will see their desired outcome, they are more likely to achieve their vision.
  • Persistence/Determination - Providing your child with a strong foundation of personal pride.
  • Perception management – Will help your child understand how their actions and words are spoken are perceived justly or unjustly by others.

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