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Benefits of sending your Camper to The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana’s Summer Etiquette and Leadership Enrichment Camp:

One of the primary benefits of sending children to The Etiquette and Leadership Institutes of Indiana’s (ELII) Summer Etiquette and Leadership Enrichment Camp (ELEC) is their opportunity to develop essential life skills. This includes learning and experiencing the ABCs of Table Manners, Leadership principles, collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving (how could I have done better), decision-making skills (looking at other decision-making options), and much more..

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Camp Medical Policies:

The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana (ELII) wants to thank each parent/guardian for registering their child (Camper) for its Summer Etiquette and Leadership Enrichment Camp. The camp provides a fun and challenging environment for children to learn essential life skills such as self-confidence, team building, and business creation…

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What to expect:

By registering your child for the Summer Etiquette and Leadership Enrichment Camp, you can expect them to gain valuable experience and knowledge to help them succeed in all their lives. Here are just a few examples…

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Our Summer Camp Goals:

  • Learn the Rules of Etiquette
  • Understating Acts of Kindness
  • Building Communication skills:
  • Have lots of fun

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Summer Camp Agenda
DAY 1 – Mon, June 10th:

  • What to expect from Camp
  • Camp Golden Rules to Follow
  • Take a peek at what are Manners and Rules of Etiquette anyway.
    • Respecting yourself
    • Respecting others
  • Making an Introduction that sets you apart from others:
    • Using the Eight Ingredients of an Introduction
  • Basic principles of building a Kid’s business:
    • Defining your likes and dislikes
    • Defining your favorites and unfavorite
    • What is passion?
    • How to turn your passion/like into a business
    • What is a business?
    • What is a business plan?
  • International etiquette unique
    • Identify five unique manners in Japan (write them and how they apply to the culture).


  • Making a great introduction
  • Etiquette word search puzzles
  • Leadership crossword puzzles
  • Building Business Ideas- present instructions
  • Power word game

Day 2 – Tues, June 11th:

Art of Communication:

  • Presentation:
    • Who is my role model, and why?
    • What are my goals for the next school year, and why?
    • Who am I as a person, a friend, an individual?
  • How to engage in young people’s small talk
    • Thinking before you act
    • Thinking before you speak


  • Follower vs. Leader: which one are you?

Perception management:

  • How you see yourself
  • How others see you


  • How to make a great Introduction with new friends
  • Learning the roles in running a restaurant:
    • How to be a Cook
      • Duties
    • Duties of a Manager
      • responsibility
    • Engaging with the Waitstaff
      • duties
    • How Customers play a roll in dining
      • Happy and confrontational
    • The actual value of Tipping
      • Who pays who
    • Serving
      • Types
    • Customer service
      • Review

Conflict resolution tips

  • Resolving issues with your sibling
  • Resolving problems with your friends
  • How to deal with rude people
  • How to win an argument
  • How to not give in to peer pressure
  • Showing the correct character when the time calls for such


  • Blinding leadership (teams)

Day 3 – Wed, June 12th:


  • Working with others
  • Leader vs. follower – which one are you?
    • Learning to be a leader
    • Learning to be a follower

Team building

  • Row the boat activities

Developing Problem-solving skills.

Goal setting skills

  • Time management
  • Prioritizing task

Accountability management

  • Decision-making scenarios – what would I do?


  • BINGO Etiquette and Leadership

Day 4 – Thurs, June 13th:

  • Dining Like a Diplomat (Tutorial)
    • ABC of table manners
    • What does cleansing the palate mean?
  • Acts of Kindness
    • Writing letters to children at a local hospital
  • Common curiousities

Day 5 -Fri, June 14th:

  • What International Etiquette is about:
    • Where would you like to visit?
    •  Can you speak the language?
      • Hello and goodbye.
      • My name is.
      • How are you?
      • What’s your name?
      • Where do you live?
    • Identify five unique manners in Japan (write them and how they apply to the culture).
  • Etiquette skills –
  • Manner’s update
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Self-discipline
  • Inspirations
  • Roleplay (acting)


  • Jeopardy Etiquette and Leadership game
  • Five-course meal tutorial
  • Writing a Thank you note